Geo Web

Geo Web erosion Control
Perth, Mid West And Pilbara Regions

We offer Geo Web service for the purpose of erosion control. The Geoweb system consists of a robust three-dimensional structure housing a network of interconnected cells that confine and compact soil. The confinement action prevents erosion and improves the structural performance of the soil or aggregate infill providing an alternative to reinforced concrete or armour. 


All our Geo Web projects are done to the highest standard meeting specifications as  our team only aim is to reach our clients’ specifications. We provide Geo Web  services across Perth, Mid West and Pilbara regions. 


Geo Web Applications

Load support & porous pavements

Slope & embankment stability
Channel lining
Retarding basins
Erosion prevention
Rail track stabilisation
Geo web Bullsbrook Community Landscaping WA